3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program Peel

The 3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program (3TYMHP) is a unique approach to the complex issues of youth mental health and youth suicide in the Peel region, encompassing mental health awareness, prevention and intervention for secondary school students.  The program breaks down the barriers and stigmas around mental health in our youth, promotes discussion, encourages help seeking behaviours and provides individual treatment and support to those in need.
Targeting secondary school students (year 10), Tier 1 involves an awareness raising presentation delivered by an Ambassador with lived experience of mental illness.  Issues such as physical and mental wellbeing, overcoming life’s obstacles, peer pressure, how to ask for help and the importance of leadership and teamwork are addressed.
Tier 2 provides school based workshops on mental health and wellbeing topics to engage young people and to offer the skills, resources and the right environment to discuss issues, breakdown stigma and barriers and encourage self-referral or support seeking activities.
Tier 3 provides one on one support through counselling/mental health treatment options accessible through the Peel Youth Medical Service, Peel Mobile Health Service, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Palmerston Association and schools. 
If your school would like to participate or for further information on the 3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program please contact
office@gpdownsouth.com.au or call  08 9537 5500.