3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program Warren Blackwood

The Three Tier Youth Mental Health Program (3TYMHP) is a unique approach to the complex issues of youth mental health and youth suicide - it encompasses mental health and wellbeing awareness (Tier 1), prevention and coping strategies (Tier 2) and intervention direct support and services (Tier 3) for secondary school students.
By addressing modifiable risks including drug and alcohol use and physical inactivity and providing young people with the knowledge and skills to live healthier and make better choices, the 3TYMHP can lead to improved physical, mental and social health.  The program encourages young people to talk about the issues and provides individual services to those requiring further support.
The 3TYMHP involves collaboration between GP down south, local schools, and services providing mental, physical and social health to young people.  It was developed by GP down south, piloted and externally evaluated in 2015.  2018 is the second year it is being run in the Warren Blackwood region.
Targeted at Year 10 secondary school students, the three components of the program are:
Tier 1 - Delivery of the Global Ambassador Presentation to secondary school students (year 10) by a Mental Health Ambassador with lived experience of mental illness.    The presentation increases awareness of mental health and wellbeing, improves young people's knowledge and attitudes to mental, physical and social health, lifestyle and risky behaviour choices.
Tier 2 – Hosting interactive school-based workshops to engage secondary school students in discussions of health and unhealthy behaviours relevant to specific topics such as Stress Management, Dealing with Peer Group Pressure, Drugs, Alcohol and Mental Health, and Body Image.  The workshops provide practical skills and help young people take action to improve their mental health and wellbeing.
Tier 3 – Provide individualised counselling and mental health treatment.  Young people self-referring or seeking help following Tier 1 and Tier 2 activities are provided immediate access to counsellors and mental health professionals, with ongoing support to improve their health outcomes, including linkages to other services.
If your school would like to participate or for further information on the 3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program please contact jackieb@gpdownsouth.com.au or  08 9754 3662.