3 Tier Youth Mental Health Tier 1 - Warren Blackwood

March 2018


160 Year 10 students from five high schools in the Warren Blackwood area attended the Tier 1 launch at Manjimup Senior High School on 7 March.  This is the second year the program has been run in the region and GP down south has been delighted with the response and participation from schools and local service providers.  

Amy Coombe once again delivered an egaging and powerful presentation and encouraged students to acknowledge their feelings and be more open about sharing how they feel with people they trust.   She shared her battle with eating disorders and depression and how she manages on a day to day basis.  

CEO, Amanda Poller and Blackwood Youth Action Chair, Sarah Youngson provided some opening remarks.  The session was also attended by seven local service providers in the areas of youth mental health.  

Tier 2 workshops will be delivered by Blackwood Youth Action in the coming weeks.