Down South Aboriginal Health Workshops

Recently Miranda from Down South Aboriginal Health in Collie ran two workshops for the community.  The first one was on FASD, closely followed by a Diabetes information session. 
The FASD workshop was attended by 6 ladies who all felt that they learnt a great deal about the subject. They discussed the physical and mental effects of the unborn baby’s exposure to alcohol and how baby can “bath” in alcohol long after the mother has stopped drinking. 
The Diabetes Workshop had 9 people attend that all knew a lot about how to manage their Diabetes so the aim of this was to tell them about the “hidden” sugars. For example 100g of Baked Beans contains 10 grams of Sugar and 2 slices of White Bread contains 2 grams of sugar (that’s not including the Carbs found in those foods)! The feedback from this workshop was all positive but with comments like “there needs to be more people”, “change the venue”, “a night time workshop would be great, for those that work”.