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Rotary Golf day raises more than $14,000 for Peel Youth Medical Services

April 2019


A Fundraising Rotary Golf Day at Mandurah Country Club in November raised more than $14,500 for Peel Youth Medical Services.

The funding covers landscaping and garden furniture at the recently opened Allnutt Street complex and an amount also for youth mental health services.

PYMS manager Denise Puddick said 78 per sent of the 1300 or so registered clients at PYMS had mental health or drug and alcohol problems.

Nidjalla Waangan Mia Host Annual "Closing the Gap" Lunch

Nidjalla Waangan Mia hosted their annual "Closing the Gap" day lunch on Thursday 21st of March.

The lunch provided the opportunity for local service providers, Nidjalla Waangan Mia staff and the local community to get together and share information around services and programs that are available to reduce the disadvantage among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with respect to health outcomes and subsequent life expectancy.

Third time round for 3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program - Warren Blackwood

February 2019

For the third consecutive year, the 3 Tier Youth Mental Health Program is being offered to Year 10 students in the Warren Blackwood region.  The program has grown since it was piloted in 2016, with 159 students from six high schools attending the Tier 1 launch at Manjimup Senior High School last week.

Multi-disciplinary approach to Chronic Conditions

February 2019

Our Chronic Conditions program keeps growing and delivering results to the south west community. 

GP down south is delivering professional development opportunities to medical professionals and pharmacists on “Managing Chronic Conditions in South West WA.  The education session will cover improving health outcomes for people with chronic conditions and managing chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) to maximise function and prevent hospitalisation. 

Helping people manage their chronic conditions

January 2019

If you have not already heard the phrase ‘chronic conditions’, you will – a lot.  In 2015 over 11 million Australians (50%) reported having at least one of the 8 chronic conditions - arthritis, asthma, back pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and mental health conditions – and chronic disease among our population is on the rise.

Health in Good Hands

February 2019

Another Down South Aboriginal Health staff member, Sophia Karahoutis has just  graduated fromTAFE’s Primary Health Care program.  Graduating with a Certificate IV in Primary Health Care, Sophia is now a fully qualified Aboriginal Health Worker. 

The course covered a variety of topics such as holistic care, business technology, working in an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care Context, address social determinants of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health and learning how to advocate on patients’ behalf.

A Revolution for Pain Management

February 2019

In 2018 we piloted the Yoga for Pain Care program through the South West with great results and feedback.  In 2019 we are looking at disseminating information on the Pain Revolution via local pain educators.  The program is aimed at helping people understand the mechanics and background of their pain.  They say that ‘knowledge is power’, and this program is about empowerment.  Pain Revolution was founded by pain researcher Professor Lorimer Moseley to help people with persistent pain across Australia.

Youth Leader Listed for Award

January 2019


Caitlin Elphick and Brother Brock Elphick

(photo taken at Mandurah Netball Silly Sock Day PYMS Fundraiser)

Article courtesy of the Coastal Times 16th January 2019

South Yunderup resident Caitlin Elphick (22) has been nominated in the Woolworths Youth Group Achievement Award category of the 7 News Young Achievers Awards for young people showing strong leadership ability.