A Revolution for Pain Management

February 2019

In 2018 we piloted the Yoga for Pain Care program through the South West with great results and feedback.  In 2019 we are looking at disseminating information on the Pain Revolution via local pain educators.  The program is aimed at helping people understand the mechanics and background of their pain.  They say that ‘knowledge is power’, and this program is about empowerment.  Pain Revolution was founded by pain researcher Professor Lorimer Moseley to help people with persistent pain across Australia.

When people understand the basis of their pain and can acknowledge it as a psycho-physical response, then they are in charge of how to frame that pain and can be in charge of treating it via a range of modalities.

The vision of the Pain Revolution is that All Australians will have access to the knowledge, skills and local support to prevent and overcome persistent pain.

Local pain educator, Abbie grew up in Mukinbudin, a small country town 3.5 hours North East of Perth, Western Australia. Abbie's passion for understanding pain started early, after three years of persisting pain following a sporting injury at age 15. This life lesson was a game changer in many ways for Abbie, but it starkly highlighted the impact pain education can have on a young girl in a rural community. Abbie went onto study Physiotherapy and graduated from The University of Notre Dame in Fremantle in 2014. Abbie then eagerly moved back to the country where she has continued to share her knowledge and stories on pain in rural communities with anyone who loves learning, has an open mind and of course a good sense of humour.

For more information check the Pain Revolution website:  https://www.painrevolution.org/